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The Cultivating Community Healthy Food Access Program, supported by this Community Partner Grant, expands a community-led food distribution system in Northeast Wisconsin. Stemming from successful Covid-19 emergency food distribution pilots, the program leverages trusted community spaces to distribute locally sourced produce to low-income BIPOC and socially disadvantaged populations. The initiative prioritizes relationship-building, flexibility, and cultural relevance, providing health benefits to over 12,480 individuals since 2020. 

The trust-based model fosters candid conversations about barriers to healthy food access, including structural challenges and systemic racism. The program has strengthened relationships between local farms and community members, influencing the types of foods grown to align with culturally specific preferences. With a waiting list of partners and requests for expansion, the program continues to grow, engaging the Oneida Nation and collaborating with regional stakeholders for broader impact. 

Wello, the lead organization, employs data management tools, ARC-GIS mapping, and established communication strategies to track, report, and disseminate project outcomes. The initiative's success and sustainability efforts will extend beyond the 2024 season through collaborations with stakeholders like the Wisconsin Farmers Union.

Website: https://wello.org/

Project Contact: Beth Heller  ||  (773)329-3573  ||  Beth@wello.org

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