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The SLO Farmers Co-op (SLO) plans to expand Healthy Food Access programing by aggregating and distributing sustainable, local, and organic meat tailored to the program recipients' cultural preferences. The initiative aims to support historically underserved farmers by providing secure sales at a living-wage price point while enhancing food shares for Black, Muslim, Veteran, and income-vulnerable populations. SLO, with its expertise in aggregation and wholesale order fulfillment, will source products like beef, pork, chicken, goat, and lamb from 4-6 producers and 4 processors. 

The project's success will be measured by achieving the planned product quantities, ensuring 100% sourcing from socially/historically disadvantaged farmers, and reaching 320 households. Qualitative data will be collected on the impact of the project on farms, supply chain partners, and underserved communities. The collaboration aims to provide highly desirable items not previously available due to budget constraints.


Project Contact: Heather Toman  ||  (906)235-3416  ||

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