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The Hmong American Center (HAC), a non-profit serving the Southeast Asian Community (SEAC), aims to address food insecurity by partnering with local farmer's markets. Recognizing that traditional food banks lack culturally familiar items, HAC plans to work with farmers and Crazy Fresh to provide culturally appropriate produce, benefiting both the Hmong community and local farmers. The program targets 200-300 low-income families weekly, offering diverse produce such as lemongrass, ginger, and bamboo shoots. 

The initiative supports small Hmong family farm vendors, providing them a consistent income. Families, predominantly Hmong and Southeast Asian, with limited English proficiency and annual incomes under $20,000, will undergo income verification for eligibility. The project incorporates photo release forms and storytelling to report success, with an annual gala showcasing impactful stories. Success metrics include distributing to 350 families, addressing challenges through weekly team meetings.


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